Wearing Nothing But Sparkles: Pinup Selfies for Empowerment

I’ve started doing something kind of weird.

I believe it began when I got a new burlesque costume in the mail that I had ordered off of Etsy. My favorite part of any of my burlesque costumes has always been what I’m wearing by the end of my act, post-strip tease. At that point, it’s nothing but sparkles. And I love that. Oh sure, it’s a lot of skin and I’m nearly naked. But the bits that need to be legally covered in public are all concealed in sparkling gems. It feels feminine and glamorous and gorgeous.

Naturally, when my new costume pieces arrived (they were scant bits of elastic that mostly framed body parts instead of covering them), I immediately tried them on. I had never worn anything like them before. I was in love. So, of course, this sparkly incredibleness had to be captured on film. So I took some selfies. They were too naked to post anywhere, so I didn’t. I kept them for myself, because I loved the costume and the side of me that it represents. The part of us that performs …

Community Over Competition: PoleCon 2019

If you’ve been bitten by the pole dancing bug, you know how easy it is to become obsessed. In some parts of the world, finding others who share your passion is easy. In other places, pole is still considered taboo or classes are simply not available. So what’s a lonely pole lover to do? Enter, PoleCon!

The International Pole Convention is a celebration of all things related to pole dancing: there are performances by dancers of every style and many different skill levels, there are workshops with pole stars (both already famous and up and coming), there are vendors with every sparkly shiny product a dancer could want, a playground to fly on pole, hoop or fabric and even free classes to learn about everything from floor work to marketing your brand.

This celebration lasts most of the week and pops up in a different US city each year. This year, dancers and enthusiasts travelled to Colorado to learn, spectate, teach, perform and meet others who share their passion for pole dancing.

I was ha…

Dancing in the Shadows: Banning Women on Social Media

Social media can be a beautiful thing, when used properly. You can connect with people from around the world who share your interests. You can find ideas for decorating your home or throwing your next soiree. You can even find instructional materials to guide you through doing just about anything. There was a golden era, for a short while, when international communities that connected through social media flourished.

The pole dancing community, in particular, is quite active on Instagram. We’ve used it as a space for dancers to show each other new moves, give tutorials on how to execute them and show our progress as we grow on our journeys as athletes. The burlesque and circus communities are also quite active on social media. And I’m sure there are countless other activities I don’t even know about that have hordes of followers, as well, sharing ideas and exchanging information. 

But if you’re a female on the major social media platforms, you may have noticed a shadow in your digital w…

Bringing You The Tea! Announcing the New PonyPoison Newsletter

Who Wants the Tea??

Introducing Poison Tea: the PonyPoison Newsletter; bringing you the tea on all things from the world of PonyPoison!

What will the tea include? And why make a newsletter at all?
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Having Financial Self Respect: Stop Selling Your Art For Nothing

Art is for everyone! I firmly believe this. I have met humans who swear they are not creative and I don’t believe them. I think they just haven’t found their niche yet.
So, what is an artist? An artist creates. There are an endless number of disciplines to create in but, bottom line, an artist creates. I truly think everyone has an artist in them somewhere. But do all artists practice their craft professionally? Nope. The one who does is a Working Artist. The two are not the same. And that’s where this blog comes in. To stick to what I’m familiar with, I will be focusing on the performing arts, specifically on aerial and burlesque. Because those two professions have something in common…they both have artists who will work for nothing (or just barely more than nothing). They are so happy to be artists, that they have forgotten about the “working” part. 
To illustrate my point with a real life story, an aerialist from out of town was visiting the gym I train at, and spoke of his desire to…

How I Found Pole Dancing

Just like every happy couple has the story of how they met, every pole dancer has a tale of how they found their new dancing addiction and, often, how it changed their lives. Dance alone is a powerful form of expression that can give one a new outlet to work through emotions and to feel alive. Pole dancing in particular, with its strong social stigma as so overtly sexual that it becomes taboo, seems to hold special power to those who find it. In addition to the introduction to and acceptance of “sexy” movement, more power lies in the athletic aspect of learning pole. New dancers often walk in thinking they know their limits and find they are more capable than they realized. They find skills they did not know they had and, as they continue to study pole, develop physical strength they have never possessed.

You can see why finding pole can be so dramatic.

So, here’s my story; how I found pole and what it did for me. Obviously, we have a good relationship, as I wrote this article nine y…

What the Hell is Erotic Dance Fundamentals?

Erotic Dance Fundamentals is the name of the workshop I’m teaching this June at the International Pole Convention in Denver, CO. I know the title can sound intimidating, so I thought I’d break it down a little and tell you exactly what we’ll be covering in the class. Remember this is a NON-POLE workshop and ALL levels are welcome!
If you’re more of a reader than a video watcher, scroll down for the written version.

In Erotic Dance Fundamentals, you will learn:
- Principles of erotic movement. There is a method to the sexiness, it’s not a mystery why certain movements or dance styles look more sensual than others. There’s a science to it. We will cover the “how” and “why” so that you can apply these methods to any of your movements to get the most out of them. 
- Specific movements. There are a handful of movements that I consider the basis of all sexy style dancing, including exotic floor work, lap dance, burlesque and others. These are movements you will see appearing again and again…