Know Your Value: Getting Paid as a Performing Artist

Hello friends, fans and haters!
Let’s talk about something no one likes to talk about: MONEY!

I wrote a blog nearly a year ago called Having Financial Self Respect: Stop Selling Your Art For Nothing.
However, as I realize many in my online audience probably prefer video to article format (I prefer reading words but I realize I’m in the minority on this), a video on the topic seemed like the next logical step. So, without further ado, here it is...

Obviously, this is a subject I feel strongly about. As an artist who desires to make a living doing what I love, I get frustrated when I see venues or producers offering super low rates and, even worse, performers accepting these rates. I know we all have our struggles and yes, I understand that something is better than nothing in the short term. But, in the long term, how will rates ever rise if no one is demanding it? Change is possible but it starts with us, the ones making the product, our art.

Please note, I focus on the industries I ha…

Celebration & Stress: The New Year is Here!

The Roaring 20’s are almost here, all!!! As someone who loves the music and fashion of the 1920’s, I am over the moon about this.

But maybe the New Year is filling you with dread. It’s a hectic week, the days between Christmas and  New Year’s Eve...

Let’s Talk About Your Year...
Many are stressed and I completely understand the feeling. We can put unnecessary pressure on ourselves, looking over the last 365 days and wondering if we accomplished enough. Or maybe you’re scrambling to have a plan of action ready by January 1. We all have things we want to change and the changing of the year just seems to emphasize how quickly time is passing.

But, before you despair, I encourage you to make a list. As a control freak and Taurus, the organization of list making calms my nerves. Make a list of your favorite things that happened in 2019. It could be anything at all. The point of the list is to remind you of all the good of the previous year, to put you in a positive frame of mind. Because if…

An Important Announcement: Pursuing Artistic Freedom

Happy December, all!

I have been neglecting both this blog and my newsletter, which is largely due to lots of performing (awesome!) and a little less due to life getting in the way (my apologies).

I am working on something that could be very big, learn more in the video below! And I will, of course, be making an end of the year review post soon, with highlights of my favorite moments as well as ideas for all of us for the coming year.

Enjoy and thanks for following:

Wearing Nothing But Sparkles: Pinup Selfies for Empowerment

I’ve started doing something kind of weird.

I believe it began when I got a new burlesque costume in the mail that I had ordered off of Etsy. My favorite part of any of my burlesque costumes has always been what I’m wearing by the end of my act, post-strip tease. At that point, it’s nothing but sparkles. And I love that. Oh sure, it’s a lot of skin and I’m nearly naked. But the bits that need to be legally covered in public are all concealed in sparkling gems. It feels feminine and glamorous and gorgeous.

Naturally, when my new costume pieces arrived (they were scant bits of elastic that mostly framed body parts instead of covering them), I immediately tried them on. I had never worn anything like them before. I was in love. So, of course, this sparkly incredibleness had to be captured on film. So I took some selfies. They were too naked to post anywhere, so I didn’t. I kept them for myself, because I loved the costume and the side of me that it represents. The part of us that performs …

Community Over Competition: PoleCon 2019

If you’ve been bitten by the pole dancing bug, you know how easy it is to become obsessed. In some parts of the world, finding others who share your passion is easy. In other places, pole is still considered taboo or classes are simply not available. So what’s a lonely pole lover to do? Enter, PoleCon!

The International Pole Convention is a celebration of all things related to pole dancing: there are performances by dancers of every style and many different skill levels, there are workshops with pole stars (both already famous and up and coming), there are vendors with every sparkly shiny product a dancer could want, a playground to fly on pole, hoop or fabric and even free classes to learn about everything from floor work to marketing your brand.

This celebration lasts most of the week and pops up in a different US city each year. This year, dancers and enthusiasts travelled to Colorado to learn, spectate, teach, perform and meet others who share their passion for pole dancing.

I was ha…

Dancing in the Shadows: Banning Women on Social Media

Social media can be a beautiful thing, when used properly. You can connect with people from around the world who share your interests. You can find ideas for decorating your home or throwing your next soiree. You can even find instructional materials to guide you through doing just about anything. There was a golden era, for a short while, when international communities that connected through social media flourished.

The pole dancing community, in particular, is quite active on Instagram. We’ve used it as a space for dancers to show each other new moves, give tutorials on how to execute them and show our progress as we grow on our journeys as athletes. The burlesque and circus communities are also quite active on social media. And I’m sure there are countless other activities I don’t even know about that have hordes of followers, as well, sharing ideas and exchanging information. 

But if you’re a female on the major social media platforms, you may have noticed a shadow in your digital w…

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