Reviews for Pole With Pony at Stripper 101

I kind of have the best job ever. I teach women to make their booties jiggle. I show them how to spin like a seductive circus siren. I get to meet ladies from all over the world and dance with them!

I have been introducing women to pole dancing for more than five years, now. I feel very lucky to get to show them to their new obsession because many of us who try pole are immediately hooked! It is so much fun, such a great workout, much more fun than the gym and truthfully, anyone can do it!! If you're coming to Vegas and looking for something fun to do, you should definitely contact me so we can get you set up for a class with me ( ). I conveniently teach right on the strip ( at Stripper 101) so you don't won't have to go very far from your hotel.

But before I talk myself up any further, the proof is in the pudding! Here are some testimonials from women who have taken class with me. I would like to point out that I NEVER ask or suggest to anyone that they write me a review. They just do it because they want to. And I am happy to share them with you!


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